TheLastRipper 1.4

TheLastRipper can save streams to mp3's, while downloading album cover

TheLastRipper 1.3.2933 is a program to streams to mp3.
It also downloads album covers, appends ID3v2 tags and organizes your music according to Artist/Album/Track.

TheLastRipper 1.3.2933 will also help you generate playlists from the data available from you account.

To use TheLastRipper you´ll need a account, that you can register for free al Last.Fm.

Once you open the program, the first thing you should to is to log-in using your Last.Fm user and password.

Then, you can search for a given theme by Artist, Tag, Group and Neighbourhood.
You can add the found themes to your Personal List, or your Play List, qualify them as "Love" or "Hate" (this way this theme won´t appear anymore). Note that, as Last.FM, TheLastRipper won´t bring you the exact theme. The results will be SIMILAR themes.

While seeing a theme, TheLastRipper will record that theme in .mp3 format, inside a folder with the name of the CD from where that theme was extracted, and the cover image in .jpg format.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice way to know artists that you never heard before, and download their songs


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